FS- MINT PEAK 28 Stories CLYW, OD SOVEREIGN ending on eBay today!! last day!!

Hello everyone,  I’ve decided to list some of my rare throws.  Im listing them because I realized that I have not thrown either the peak or the sovereign in over a year and it may be time to pass them along. That being said I’m not looking to give them away and if they do not sell I have no problems keeping them, Im just seeing if there are any motivated buyers out there.

CLYW 2nd run 28 stories PEAK Mint in box-

GONE !!!One Drop Sovereign Mint in box- GONE!!!

Get your bids in on the peak while you still can!!!

If you are a serious buyer and would like to make an offer through the forum than feel free to pm me.  The starting prices listed on ebay are the lowest amounts I will be willing to take on either the peak or the sovereign.  I will leave these throws on the market for this week after which they will be going back into my collection.  Thanks for looking.

Steve B.

up with a peak and sovereign added!!!

Up final days

up. Last day on sale!!!