The "3 Big Blue Sale" OneDrop/Clyw Prices Lowered! 28 Stories Peak R2 L> Wooly!!


First off, Everybody’s favorite the Second Run 28 Stories Peak.
Weight: 67.30
Width: 42.50
Diameter: 54.65
Gap Width: 4.17

Minty Fresh, as mint as it can get. O0

Very valuable squeeze as much as you can for this. Looking for $200-300 $180-260 Cash only!
Second, Wolf Lake Peak.
Weight: 67.30
Width: 42.50
Diameter: 54.65
Gap Width: 4.17

Few tiny Dings very tiny, the dents camo with the white. O0

Around $110 $100.
3rd, the Project 2 WYYC 2009 Edition!
Weight: 67.6 grams
Width: 40.63mm
Diameter: 50mm
Gap Width: 4.37mm

One medium/big dent and 1 tiny dent not too big, I like to keep my throws as mint as possible! O0

Around $110-130 $100-120.
A different CLYW
28 Stories Wooly mint! for: Anything.
That’s all, now I’m accepting cash only.

Thanks for reading, we can discuss shipping etc.

Don’t have paypal, so we’ll have to discuss between checks or cash. Would appreciate cash more than trades.

Instead of posting me saying I want it, please offer me with the pm or a list of some sort of choices.

Will be more $$$ if out of U.S for shipping issues.

If you can pay in the middle of the price ranges then it’s yours, shipping included. Trading is a second priority.




Do any of the peaks come with its box?


are they all gone??? im interested


Since you have no feedback, no posts (except this one), and no paypal, are you gonna ship first? Most likely if u make a deal with someone, they will have at least 1 positive feedback, so you’re gonna have to go ahead and ship the yoyo before anyone is gonna just send you money with no means of insurance if you’re scamming. I’m not saying you are so don’t take it the wrong way, it’s just that you’re gonna have a hard time finding someone to buy your yoyo’s with cash if you’re wanting them to pay first.


I’m sure after 3 and a half years he’ll be sure to read this. You guys can’t be serious. Look at the dates before posting.





Thanks a lot, necroers…gettin’ me all excited.


These guys were killing me. First bump like two weeks ago I fell for it and I fell for it again last night.

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