FS: Legacy $13 Shipped and Hatrick $70 Shipped $75 for BOTH

Hey guys,

Got to get rid of these last few things.

I have a green YYF popstar. It’s mint, plays great, only thrown a few times. I’m not big into it. Smooth. $22 Shipped Gone

I have a blue, capless legacy. I don’t have any caps, gave them away because they play better without them. Smooth! Great YYJ. I’ve thrown this a little more than the popstar, but still not that much.  $13 shipped

I REALLY don’t want to sell this. I’ll only sell this for the designated price of 70 shipped. Bearingless sadly, but Plays sooo good. Has scuffs and scratches but it’s sooo smooth! 70 Shipped

$75 shipped for both.

I can only take money orders.