FS: Black Genesis and Green YYF lunatic.. cheap! 70 FOR BOTH SHIPPED!

HtcHey everyone! I’m selling a couple of my yoyos that I don’t play with much so feel free to snag ine if you like.
Prices are below and I don’t really want to trade unless you are offering CLYW, than ill gibe both for pretty much any one CLYW. Feel free to PM me thanks. Oh and if you want pics just let me know and ill send them via text message or email. Don’t have a computer, just my phone lol. Thanks again. Also if you want both ill take 70 shipped for the two. That’s 10 saved.

I am selling:

Green YYF Lunatic - more than a few dings but still plays amazing. Selling this for 35

Black Marble YYF Genesis. - Has a few dings but plays MEGA smooth. I’m selling this one for 45 shipped.

Still for sale?

is it still for sale ???