FS: L2, CLYW Campfire and Marmot, 1D Dingo, RecRev i, 08 888 etc.


Hey everyone, I am new to this board, but have been around a long time, I used to frequent some other boards but they don’t seem to be very active, looks like yoyoexpert is the place now, obviously I have been out of the scene for a while, but I am looking to put together some funds for an engagement ring so I am putting up some of my older throws for sale only. Prices are shipped in US, please EMAIL me for details/questions, I don’t check the forum often. (jake.c.parker4@gmail.com)

I grouped them in pictures, I can provide more detailed pictures on request. I accept Paypal or Venmo, if you prefer paypal, please add 5$ for fees.

[s]L2- comes with original tin, black velvet bag, and all the attachments/fixings (top tips, 2 kinds of side bearing caps). From an era when sidebearings were new. One of the side bearings is kind of stuck in it’s casing and there are some nicks in the anodize from me trying to get it out. Comes with silicone and a Konkave bearing, original flat bearing as well. 90$ shipped

Mint Green 888- brown dice stacks, this is a great player, the only way you could get one was at some competition back in 09 I believe, I got it in a trade, KK, great condition 80$ shipped[/s]

CLYW - Wooly Marmot- first run, like new there are a couple of pinprick dings on it, but they are just marks in the finish (the finish didn’t actually come off), comes with original box and konkave bearing. -85$ shipped

CLYW - Campfire- Gold, perfect condition, original box, KK bearing -80$ shipped

RecRev i, Original packaging, 60$ shipped
Onedrop Dingo- Orange, perfect condition/like new 60$ shipped

MagicYoyo- Silencer
MagicYoyo- N11 -both of these are in perfect condition and hardly have been played with, 10$ shipped each, or if you buy one of the other regular metals I will throw one of these in with it for free.

Also some stacks, a holder, and a few gloves, if you buy something just let me know and these will come free with anything, first come first serve kind of idea.


PS, sorry the pictures got flipped, not sure how that happened, I can fix it later.


Bump/Update: Campfire gone.

Also, if you would like to use paypal, please add 5$ for fees!


interested in RecRev


Interested in OD Dingo. Does it come box? Would you take $60 shipped?


Things that are in Strikeout are gone, (Dingo was already gone, sorry!)


the RecRev i only sold for $50 new why are you selling for more?

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