Yo this is my first BST post so I don’t have any feedback yet. I’m pretty active in the community though and will do my best to be a SS-Tier seller. I will be certain to package well and ship them out ASAP!

Shipping is included.

ConUS only. I will accept payments through Zelle (aka Chase quickpay), CashApp, or Venmo.

Please reach out if you have any questions at all or would like more information about any of these yoyos.

Hey I sold some yo-yos and have a feedback thread now!!!

Sold Gnomad

Pink Gnomad (A Grade) - 50$ [SOLD]
Mint. Barely been played. Spins beautifully still. No vibe. No damage.

Copper Theodore - 135$ [Sold]
NMTBS bc the copper has some patina from where my hands have touched the yoyo. Still plays perfectly. No vibe at all. No damage. Has never been unscrewed (I just never had to do maintenance on it).

Sold Confusion

Confusion 2022 (w/ Hubstacks) - 35$
Mint. Barely been played. No vibe or damage. Hubstacks included.


Speedaholic FX - 45$
Mint. Barely played. Pads still look new. No vibe or damage.

DD Kanto - 45$
NMTBS Haven’t played this one much. I switched out the included groove bearing for a concave bearing and will include the groove bearing with the yoyo. The response was a bit grippy for me so I replaced the pads with ultra grey silicone (flat no recess). No Vibe. No damage.


Reserving this spot I think I’m supposed to do this.


@Dw8002man fx for you, never forgot about it



Hey mate, I know you said conus only but if you’re willing to go through the hassle of shipping to Australia let me know.

The Theodore looks amazing

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One Yoyo left bump!