FS: Help me get to Nats guys! CLYW, and Rec Rev

Alright so I don’t currently have pictures on hand, but if you are interested, let me know and I’ll snap some quick pictures for you!

2 Octave 1 Reissue- 1 Blue with pink white and purple splash, 1 Pink with blue white purple splash. Both are near mint. Blue one has almost no noticeable vibe, the Pink one has no noticeable vibe on grinds but tiny bit on the string. $90 for both or $50 each

1 Octave 2- Gold, Mint, I’m not really sure I want to let this one go, but I did want to see how much people would offer for one. Offer Up!

1 MIB CLYW Cliff- Purple with Silver Speckle- $110


CONTACT ME AT eric@werrd.com