FOR SALE!! CLYW!! and OD!! GONE 9/1/16


For Sale ONLY.


1.Mint Harrison Hurricane Borealis $105 OBO i siliconed it so i am throwing in a new set of snow tires with purchase MINT and DEAD smooth! GONE!

2.CLYW Chief Copper-pot $90 obo Ever so slight Vibe, One small mark. GONE!

3.GNARWHAL 2 Snowday 80 near mint in box. GONE!

OD: These have been thrown just a few times save some money on mint awesome throws.

4.Rebirth Dechutes River Colorway $70 Mint in Box. GONE

5.Terrarian: Hallowed Mimic $ 60 Mint in Box GONE

Free Shipping to US Buyers. Will Ship once I receive payment!

Feel free to email me will send more pictures or answer any questions.


So is the borealis mint?


Yes the Borealis is mint. I have probably only went through 3 or 4 strings on it. The original pads protruded into the gap more than i prefer, so i put some monkey snot in there. I have some new pads to throw in just incase someone doesn’t want to worry with silicone.

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