Lots of Clyw FS- including borealis!


I have 4 mint Clyw for sale Plus Boxes! Throw me some offers, I will be making some additional posts for the individual Yoyos

Clyw Borealis- Purple- Mint

Clyw Orca- Pink- Mint

Clyw Chief- Orange- Mint

Clyw Puffin 2- Green- Mint

Mod Edit: Please list all of your stuff on offer in one topic.


I have a mint clyw Orca for sale. It is solid pink first run. It is almost dead smooth and is one of my favorite throws. Im selling it so I can get a Orca with a better colorway than Pink. Throw me some offers but I would think around 140 because I paid 155 for it originally.


Hey Guys, I have a Mint Clyw Borealis for Sale With the box, it is solid Purple, I am selling it so I can buy a black bip bop version of it, I am looking for around 130, it is just about dead smooth. Email or PM me for more details.


I have a Mint clyw Chief for sale. It is orange edition and is almost dead smooth. I am looking for around 130 for it because it is mint with box.

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