FS: Gold Rimmed Speeder 1, Blue Meteor...


Making a long story short: do not use Expedia book a trip. Waiting for money to come in from a refund from them, but in the meantime I need money to finish bookin the rest of a trip I am taking for by the time I get the money - the price for hotel would have doubled.

Expect $6 for shipping unless out of the US and preferred payment is PayPal - but send me a message with any questions.

Thanks a ton in advance,

  • John Narum



  • YoyoJam Speeder 1 Gold Rim Worlds 2007 Edition (2 Available) $35 or best offer
    Rare run of the yo-yo, first run of gold Hiroyuki requested when he was with YoyoJam

  • YoyoJam Meteor Blue Worlds Edition - $60 or best offer

Great competitive playing yo-yoing, plays exactly when I first got it a couple years ago.


Never heard of Matt Schmidt’s Bulldog… are you sure it’s not the Underdog?


bump - added to the Night Moves 5 Worlds 2009 Edition to the list.


Bump - list adjusted


That’s not one of the small bearing BvM prototypes, is it?