FS : G2, SF and more

Left to right, top to bottom

Not interested in trades unless it’s a Chief.

  • Duncan Windrunner 7068 - blue camo - mint - $30
  • Unspoken Murmur - yoyoExpert red - like new with box - $45
  • Unparalleled Abduction - b-grade (for scuffs of rims) - $20
  • Unparalleled ReCognition - scuff on rim - $40
    ( package deal on the Abduction and ReCognition for $45)
  • G2 Marvel - Great condition - $85
  • Throw Cafe Cold Brew - Like new - $60
  • YYR Overdrive Draupnir - Like new - $145 SOLD
  • SF yoyos Cadence ES - Like new - $45

Oh, we need a headphones topic in #unrelated-discussion :wink:


Man I want that cadence

I feel like I am buying a gnarwhal in a different colorway lol



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Hey man you checked under you response pads of your yeti I see if you won a gold Akita right?

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Yep, I checked. I don’t have a golden Akita.

Bump. Added more yoyos

Super nice stuff in here

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Make me some offers!

To the top

Buy my stuff

Make me offers, I need some cash


Added some more throws

Nice borealis u got there

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