FS: G^2, Yyf, Eternal Throw. New Prices! Lf: OD, Cash, Duncan

Only money offers please. Trying to get money back from my spending spree at worlds. No trades right now please. I have PayPal and take Money Orders. having issues attaching pictures right now keeps saying “internal server error 500” pm your email and I’ll get pics out when I can. Sorry about the inconvience
http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/80379540@N07/9539524200/    <—group shot. Still having trouble with individual pictures
Money is priority right now. Trades come second

Albatross- Blue w/ Teal splash one anno burn $85

Triton- Arkham color way mint $90

Al7 Triton- Blue/Blue mint. $100


Super G- Blue w/ Pink splash couple white fades and burns $75

H.O.T.- Black w/ Red splash some rim damage, not too bad though $70

Eternal Throw:

Victory- Grey w/ Purple splash. A few scrapes, good 5a throw. Comes with original SE I also have the tube. $65

Duncan Metals
One Drop

link not working for pics

Try taking out the “m.” With “www.” I’m on my phone so that’s a mobile link. Probably isn’t redirecting you to the actual website.