FS/FT: YYJ, YYF, Dif-e-yo, Buzz-on (all 2005-07)

It’s been years since I’ve been actively yoyoing and I’m now looking to clear out some old throws (all circa 2004-07ish) I have to get something new and started throwing again. To be honest I don’t really know what a few should go for as there not made anymore and a surprisingly hard to find used. So I’m more than willing to consider any price offers or trades. Will get pics posted very soon.

Wide Load, needs new dif pad(s), near new: $60 GONE

Playa, needs new silicone pads: $25 GONE
minor discoloration on part of one rim from manufacturing, not a scuff

plastic Grind Machine (w/o hubstacks), great condition: $25 GONE

Hybrid Hitman, Yoyoguy silicone, gold bearing, good+, 1 minor ding: $30
Spinfaktor HG, no bearing, good condition: $10-15 obo
Kickside CP, like new: $10


How about 20$ for the hitman?