FS/FT:YYJ SFX, Loop 900's, Fiesta XX, Aquarius UPDATED W/ CUSTOM PAINTED FH2

So I’ve kinda stopped yoyoing, and my collection is just here sitting collecting dust while someone else could be making good use of em, and I could make some money. Prices are shipped. Feel free to try and talk the prices down, I kinda just wanna see them gone. I only really want a trade if it’s a really good deal.
YoyoJam Aquarius:$20 or whatever

Plays like new, pretty much new. I’ve used it like twice. 2-3 micromarks, barely noticable.

YoyoJam SFX:$10

This is my beater. Also my only 1A yoyo, and it has served me well. Although it looks pretty gnarly, and it might have a little bit of vibe, it plays pretty well. Excellent shape for a yoyo IMO.

YoyoFactory Loop 900’s:$30 for both

Got these, and then realized I hated 2A. There’s only one tiny mark on each, nothing major. The key doesn’t really work on one of them, but if you try enough it works. Play excellent.

YoyoJam Fiesta XX:$13

Best offstring yoyo I’ve played with, so it’s good enough for me. Covered i tiny marks, but nothing that’s too depressing.

Custom Painted FH2:Make an offer

This is my masterpiece. It came out of an accident, but it looks way cool. The paint is super durable and it feels real nice. Plays like a baws too.

YYF Shaqler Japan Wooden:$10

Got this after that whole earthquake business. Neat lil wooden.

Feel free to make an offer!

Hey dude PM me! :slight_smile: