FS/FT- YYF Regen, Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine, RD1 ..PRICE DROPS!! WANT: OFFER


Clearing out some yoyo’s… [color=red]For Sale OR For Trade! MAKE OFFERS!![/color]

**My first Baby is HERE ;D clear out… Time to part with some of the yoyo’s that don’t get enough love
-Prefer to sale! But always somewhat interest in trades… Make an offer! Yoyo’s I am looking for is down below

All prices include shipping within the USA, international shipping is extra!

WHAT I HAVE: Let me know if you need more pictures… PM works best!

  • YYF Regen - White delrin goodness! Like new with box! ($39 Shipped!)

  • Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine with TK Gap adjustment tool! - San Francisco Era TK! Has marks from previous original owner who bought this in SF in 1992 ($50 Shipped!)

  • Tom Kuhn RD1 - Black “Ebonized” like new, with box! ($30 Shipped!)

I will make you a GREAT deal if you buy them ALL!!!

- PayPal…$$$
[b] - Anti Yo - YWET, DRI-YWET, Bapezilla, Bape, Eetsit, etc

  • CoreCo TAKO in the UNKNOWN flavor please![/b] Or show me what you have.
  • Masamini
  • One Drop’s… What do you have? Parlay*, Projects, etc
  • CLYW in Northern Lights OR SharkVSZombie Beaver colorway!
  • 66% yoyo’s
  • YoYoWorkshop - Vonboom*
  • EH’s… SPYY/TMBR Wooded EH’s!!
  • YYF Heist
  • Unspoken Paradox
  • Executive Yo - Gruntbull swirled**
  • Gruntbull swirled anything!!
  • SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT… MAKE OFFERS!! :slight_smile:


- YYR Draupnir - Gloss black,Like new, with box… super smooth! SOLD ($220)
- Tom Kuhn RD1 - Natural glossy, like new, with box SOLD ($25)
- C3 Speedaholic - Clear, like new in the box! SOLD ($20)
- One Drop Burnside - Nickel plated, like new (common light scratches found on nickel) with box. SOLD ($85)
- CLYW Yeti 2.0 - Transparent “Coke bottle” green… Like new, with box! b[/b]
- YYF Too Hot - Dark blue with black specks, like new! b[/b]
- One Drop Cascade - rare “Zombie Storm” colorway, like new, with box! b[/b]
- YYF Dogma - Pink, like new, with box! b[/b]


Its my birthday… trade me Titanium Yo’s!!!

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I put pics of the orca on the first page. If your not interested let me know.


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I would like to offer a red metal replay pro

I offer my red replay pro metal.

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