First i have a mint condition Alex Berenguel [bearing gull] peak. its the red with white splash. and guess what? HE SIGNED IT. looking for about 130 for this.

Second i have a Gnarwhal with two smooth little like… anno scratches. its weird. you can see them but not feel them. trying to get 100 for this one.

Third i have a 3yo3 capella, mint, half white half black. plays GREAT for 5a, but I’m not great at 5a. 70$ anyone?

Fouth i have a YYF boss, its got a few scratches and dings, but theyre all sanded down so everything is smooth. plays with a tad of vibe. lets say… about 40$?

Fifth i have another CLYW that my friend would like to sell. pm me about this one. 90$ for this one?

EVERYTHING is for sale or trade. all lowball offers will be ignored but feel free to offer.

Looking for mostly other clyw, or a Jensen superstar. also looking for a Northstar.

Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/51401835@N03/

taking and uploading pics of gnar and peak now.

What yoyo is this? and are you interested in a Pro?


Pm me about it.

I realize you pm’ed me. you dont need to tell the world.

What CLYW is it your friend want to sell? Maybe interested.