Let me start off by saying im not trading these unless I get an amazing deal, but they wont be impossible to get off me.

FG Bassalope- Mint, signed by Sebby, has a size a KK

FG Peak- Your not going to get this lol…, pretty beat, has a ten ball, plays perfect

BvM- One of the earlier runs I think, two small scuffs that kind of blend in and cant be felt

Avalanche- Good condition, one small ding, some little scuffs, typical CLYW vibe (I like it)

Wooly Marmot- Hopusan edition, 1 of 10, small pinpricks along the side of the rim, plays amazing

I’m open to all offers including money, metal yoyos that arent beat and 4a throws.

Pm"d a reply would be nice!

I have 100 dollars what ones could I buy from you from around that price ???

Why listing a yoyo that you’re not going to trade??
I will never get this