FS/FT Yoyos, Game systems, Games, And More

Hello, welcome to my shop. Everything is negotiable and I will pay shipping as long as you live in the united states.If something is bought/traded it will have a line through it. Also if you would like better pictures i can pm them to you.


Yoyos pictured right to left top to bottom

Red Grind Machine. Few Scratches. Plays Great 15-20$

Red/Blue Flying Panda. Painted Caps. Regular Wear from offstring play. Extremely long spintime. 18$

Dti Bassboost Prototype. I think its 1/20 total. Few scratches and has original slight vib. Looking for 45$

YYF Superstar Few Scratches half is raw due to my dremel quitting so i couldnt finish the job.Plays super smooth and hubstacks work great. Looking for 60-75$

Duncan Freehand Zero. Sili Mod + new bearing. Plays great 3scratches on rims. Nothing that effects play 30$

I think this one is a legacy… i remember we tried to mod it. Pretty much ruined it. It has nasty vib, if you feel like a challenge this is for you. 5$… probably a deal maker

Yomega Exodus, plays smooth for freehand. 15$

Mint Flying Squirell, i played with it 1 time and got bored. 12$

YYJ Hitman, Silicone + was polished at one time (lol), is now satined. 30$

YYF Grind Machine - the hubstacks. 20-25$




Pokemon Diamond (Includes lots of shinies, non hacked) 20$
Tony Hawks American Wasteland 20$
Pokemon Leaf Green (Includes wild caught shinies) 20$


Super Smash Brother Brawl 35$ (If wanted I can give tutorial on how to hack your wii with this game)
New Blood 25$
Fifa 2010 30$

Now here comes the big one… Call Of Duty Black Ops, includes microphone for online play and classic controller pro 60$ (For 10$ extra i can include prestige mod lobbies and online non host hacks as in aim bots, infinate radar, iso mods, and many more… if wanting to use these hacks you will need homebrew on your wii. If you buy supersmashbros i will explain how to get homebrew. You need <<< to get homebrew.)


Selling Gameboy Advance SP, Works great never had probs in the 6 yrs i had it. 30$

Call of duty WORLD AT WAR. PC GAME BRAND NEW. my computers to slow to play it. 45$

PSP - the battery and charger, comes with ratchet and clank game and a case. (has old firmware so it can be jailbroken/modded) 70$

Fushigi + Black mesh case 15$