FS/FT: YoyoPalace x Unknown, G2, Unprld, etc

What’s going on friends, I’ve got another yoyo collection thinning post for you. Same as before, shipping is $7 on top of the price of the item/s sold. Preferably US & Canada only. Prices are all obo, all trade offers welcomed. All inquiries must be through pm. Payment is through PayPal (preferred), Apple Pay, or Venmo.

My wants/ looking for list:
-PDX Batsquatch 7068
-Sf bimetals
-sengoku samurai
-yyf bind, edge beyond/infinity, bi metal superstar
-g2 arbiter, GBP PLEASE
-one drop kuntosh (regular or 5000QV), prescription, top deck, cascade
-one drop/clyw summit
-turning point/yyf chaotic
-I yoyo firoxx
-c3 bimetals (not Astraea or galaxy diver), finger spin
-duncan bimetals
-unprld bimetals
-Jake Bullock Slim Dunk!!!
-spyy punchline
-pretty much any bimetals I don’t already own or have owned before. Pm me for any questions.

Mike Monty memento- couple long scuffs and a couple dings on the rims. Still dead smooth and plays incredibly. One of the best organics on the market. $45

Rain City Skills Deluge- Some minute scratches and one small chip in ano. Mostly smooth, minute fingernail vibe. Poweful, stable, comfy, ideal for competition. $70

Mk1 Exia- Very well loved, was my daily throw for a few months. Some dings on the rims, some small scratches, one minute chip in ano. And still one of the best looking Yoyos in my collection. Powerful yet floaty, stable, and fast. $60

G2 Big Boi- one ding on rim. Very small amount of fingernail vibe. This thing is stupid powerful. Stable and poweful and needs a firm hand. Makes a really cool sound when you play with it. A really cool yoyo. $60

Throw Spiral x Failure is Unknown Kappa- couple super small dings on one rim. Small amount of fingernail vibe. This one was a hit the second it dropped. This is one of the best all around Yoyos to ever hit the market in my opinion. Light, fast, floaty, but still powerful, stable, and long spinning. A great addition to anyone’s collection, especially if you’re collecting unknown edition throws. $70

Unprld Abduction- some light scratches/scuffs. Came brand new to me with a hint of fingernail vibe. But you gotta be real picky to feel it. The abduction is ultra powerful and stable. It spins forever, but is a reluctant mover. A really nice yoyo for making new tricks or working on smoothing out old ones. $40

Unprld Elevation- couple dings one on each rim in the same spot. Very smooth. Kinda powerful with an emphasis on floatyness IMO. Fast moving and stable, this yoyo is meant for flowy styles and big banger tricks. $40


Bump. Answer is gone! Traded for a krown st.


Bump, buy two throws and take off $10 from the total!

Bump. Buy both Unprlds together for $50
Buy both Exia and Deluge for $80??? A STEAL
buy both Mike Monty Momento and Jake Bullock Dunk for $60
Throw Sprial Unknown Kappa still needs a home. All of these Yoyos are WONDERFUL players. Just needs an owner who will play them. Lmk!!

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I got a Duncan Bimetal Tourney, let me know if you’re interested.

Pm me. Depending on color and condition, I may be willing to trade.

Dunk and Campaign Sold. Buy the Momento and G2 Big boi $70 for both.


Bump, will trade everything for two bimetals I’m interested in. Lmk!