FS/FT Yo-yo's, Cubes, MTG

What I have:

Magicyoyo N12 (mint)
Magicyoyo T5 (Near mint, three small flat spots just breaking ano, few tiny barely noticeable scratches)
Onestar (one ding that I can tell, has had vibe, shakes like a mm out of place, since I got it)
C3 Token (One small scratch (half centimeter long), perfect other than that, I’ve barely unscrewed it)
Yoyofactory Popstar GONE

All of them can come with the bearing of your choosing :slight_smile: All have either yoyofactory or silicon response. (I can switch out if you would like)

Yoyo Accessories:

Yoyofactory SPEC bearing
Magicyoyo kk’s
C3 8 ball
30 amazing chinese kk’s without shields. ($7 a piece)
Polyester string
Purple fat kitty
Pelican waterproof case with laser cut foam to hold 2 throws and accessories ($45, or trades)
Lots of 8 mm axles

Non Yoyo Related Stuff I Own:

Shengshou 7x7 ($35, or trade)
Shengshou 6x6 ($25, or trade)
White Zhanchi, half bright stickers, lubed with lubix ($20, or trade)
50 mm Zhanchi, stock stickers, lubed with lubix ($15, or trade)
Shengshou Wind ($10, or trade)
Fangshi, halfbrights plus bright blue cubesmith stickers, lubed with lubix, broken in ($20, or trade)

Kodak M340 10.2 megapixel camera blue ($60, or trade)
Electric Guitar (pics and description if interested, would come with an amp, $100, or trade)
DS Lite games (Pokemon Ranger:Shadows of Altima, Chaotic:Shadow Warriors, Nintendogs)
MTG cards (info if interested)

What I want:

Any CYLW v2
OD Chik
Stacked throws
Ultralight side effects
Offer anything, even not yo-yo related
I do like v shaped throws, don’t really want anything organic shaped.

Also since I don’t have a trade count, I’m willing to ship my stuff first and you can wait to ship yours til you recieve mine. :slight_smile:





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Made a new one anyways. oh well.