FS/FT: Updated, CLYW, OD, DD, YYF

DD Monarch - NM, with box, $70

Rebellion Golyat - NM, slight vibe, no box, $20

YYF Loop 360 pair - free with anything else if you want them

LumaYo - NM, fully functional, charging cords and instructions included, no box, $trade

YYF Turntable 2 - NM, no box, $60

OD Kamuraiju - SOLD

CLYW Bear trap - SOLD

OD Sugar Glider - B-grade for slight machining mark near the center, plus a couple of nicks around the cup (pictured), smooth, no box, $30

The LumaYo is a very cool and unique throw! This one is for trade only. Here’s a link to a review with details.

Open to any trades. Also happy to provide more pictures if requested.

Link to feedback

Looking for:
CLYW Gorge
CLYW 2022 Sasquatch in clear colorway

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Bump. Kayak, Neo, and Thing sold.


Sent a pm about the Thing


Bump, price drop

Bump, new stuff added


Bump. Bear Trap gone.

Bump. Kamuraiju gone.