Taking Paypal offers! Must sell! OD, CLYW, YYF, YYJ, YYO


I need to thin out my collection a bit, so I have some yoyos up for sale. I have the original boxes with everything. I’m taking offers. Paypal only.

OD Thunderbolt Yellets:

OD 2011 Worlds Dietz:
A couple dings and pinpricks

Yoyofficer Fit:
One flat spot from rolling off my table.

Emerald Big Dipper:
Some scratches on one side where it hit my wedding ring while spinning. Can be seen if the light hits it right.

OD VZK Cascade:
Some scratches on one half. I dropped the half while undoing an axle knot.

CLYW Hulk Smash Fade Gnarwhal:
small flat spot and scuff. A little vibey

YYJ Ghost Edition DM2:
Some scratches on rim. Shinwoo light kit included if you want it.

YYF Too H.O.T prototype:
One pinprick

Pair of Loop 808s:
I have some response pads I’ll throw in with these…

And as always… these paracord holsters again just in case someone is looking for something like this. I didn’t like the other holsters I’d tried because they’re too long and the yoyo would swing around when I walked. I made these to be much shorter to stop this from happening.

They hold just about any yoyo securely (Probably not 2A and I don’t know about 4A.) I wear one of these every day with different yoyos and it has been 100% reliable!

I have lots of carabiner clip options if you want to request something other than what’s pictured. I’ll ship in the US for $3 and the holsters are $10ea. Paypal only.

Posted with permission from Yoyoexpert.


Bumping for adding some throws!


How much for YYF hot


bump - everything still available




Still have dietz?


I want dat narwall


I want the clyw


How much for 808s


Bump, please offer in PM




Probably no trades at this time. You can make an offer in PM though.


How much for cascade



Make offers in PM please

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