FS/FT: Turning Point MK "Kill Everybody" Positron **SOLD**

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Turning Point Positron MK “Kill Everybody” ed.

Was sold to me straight from hands-to-hands by Marcus Koh and Kentaro in f/w 2011 for 150$.
I don’t quite sure what to ask for it. Let’s say SOLD + shipping. Also I’m always interested in any-condition Anti-yo ’ s, first run and limited Peaks, Peter Atwood tools, etc.

Please, contact me: Email - a l . s e v a s t AT g m a i l . c o m or PM
Photos at the top were taken from google. You can see the real ones at the bottom of the page.


English is not my first language.

Hello again,
I’m interested in purchasing Anti’s in any condition (except orange/blue Ywet) and CLYW Peak (first run will be great).
I’d like trade for Turning Point Positron MK “Kill Everybody” ed in mint condition.
Please contact me via: Email - a l . s e v a s t AT g m a i l . c o m or PM

I have a CLYW peak I never used how much you offering


$100 for an MK Kill Everybody Positron is a great deal. Especially if it’s mint.

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Some real-time photos:
http://imghost.in/img/2014-04/04/go35kx82dtbmbjo7buhwa1x6j.jpg http://imghost.in/img/2014-04/04/drqwkjrhb52glvpsa6ta0ho1v.jpg http://imghost.in/img/2014-04/04/4682ntfq4jhpb0exo1n2xhx75.jpg

And the price tag getting higher! From now - 140$ + shipping.

Sold to chrisyoyo!