LF: Turning Point!

I am looking for a MINT turning point or NEAR MINT turning point for my CLYW BvM and Peak,
The BvM has a few sratches but still plays great.
I also have a half chesterman beach half sebby ed. Peak which I bought off Brett. He used it for 5A so it is pretty scartched but still plays AMAZING!

I really need the Turning Point as I wish to use it at the next contest (which is on July the third - UK nationals) so if you can reply ASAP will be brill.

Maily looking for(in order of wantingness):
Levithian 2
RT (For BvM only - dosn’t need to be mint just no vibe)
Max Bet
Levithian 1
I am in the UK BTW :wink: