FS/FT TP, CLYW(Peak, Bvm2, Chief, etc.)


I’m not new to this process, i was on yo yo nation for awhile but i’m just getting back into it.
Really Only Looking For a Bonfire or a Yeti but hey entertain me with whatever you got
Much Prefer to sell so stuff is priced to MOVE! PayPal Only… Please ;D
, pretty self explanatory, i’d rather you not send cash in a priority mail box, but if need be, i will not send until i receive it for obvious reasons. Have boxes for just about everything
I can provide you link to previous feedback if you’re unsure
MIB Petr Kavka FG Chief The only issue i can see must be ano related because some on the light blue got onto the pink in the catchzone. otherwise smooth as glass, comes with a one drop 10 ball. Offer[b]first person who paypals 70$ gets it /b]

FG Peak no box with this one. Pretty sure it was called gold rush back in the day. Ano rubs kinda of everywhere but nothing in the metal thats feelable theyre super tiny. comes with snow tires instead of flowable. and a center track bearing. Light vibe but comparable to any run of peak before 3rd runs.never tried tuning it Was told by multiple people that my pricing was way too generous, hearing OFFERS
O i]
MIB 1st Run BvM2 modern take on the old BvM and colorway. Have box, sleeve, and the string hasnt been opened, still in the original packing, has a twisted trifecta grooved 10 ball (yaa its real smooth). Honestly with new pads this could pass for never been played. Offer but 100 OBO [/b] FG OG Raw Avalanche this thing would be perfect for a mirror polish or a custom anodize. No axle with this one but again typical FG vibe. nothing that would affect play. couple pricks non feelable and would certainly be smaller after a polish. Crumby axle came with this one so i only threw it once. removed the axle once i saw the threads weren't as good as they could be.[b] 40 shipped takes this one because it comes with no axle. honestly a steal considering something in similar condition would be around 70$ polished up with an axle. believe this one has a center track as well.

Werrd Grapesoda Tre (7075) MINT - This one is a little sentimental, comes with a center track and blueprint pads light light vibe found on most anodized ones, the naked tres are smooth as glass. cash only for this one. Offer

Turning Point Baslisk Light Green near mint - comes with original and lighter titanium axle,fresh installed pads, and a crucial grooved version 2 bearing. around 200$ value. 110$ OBO

Turning Point Alinbo Maxbet Purple Near Mint - Delrin maxbet spins forever, light vibe typical of most delrins, really nice weight. Thee best derlin i’ve ever played, again these retailed for about 120$ but again not expecting anything near that, $60 OBO.

Misc Plastic:

Orange and white hayabusa, Off string damage. but still works well. 10$
Trigger White Mint needs new pads plays great. 15$ shipped
RecRev f(x) b grade vibe can affect play if you don’t mess around with it to get it smoother - 20$
Classic White and Pink - deal sweetner

If you buy everything as a mass 400$ OBO that’s essentially getting one of those high metals for free ontop of everything you see here on top of all my extra bearings, parts, pads, bearing lubricant, and around 70 fat yellow kitty string. Prices will be adjusted if you purchase 2 or more.


after a long semester at college… i’m finally done with As and Bs on my finals and can unload these guys for sale. BUMP perhaps more negotation because it’s the holiday, PayPal is obviously prefered.


BUMP. Peak is gone

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