Sold! Please close!

And that’s everything gone!  Thanks for interest, and I suppose we’re still leaving these things sort of open so new forum users can get an idea of what B/S/Ts look like/a history?

Thanks again!

All prices are OBO and include shipping priority with tracking, international is a bit different, though.  Super lowballs will not be responded to.  And by super lowball, I mean like $20 for a metal.  That’s just uncalled for unless its C-grade.  If my price is too high, shoot me an offer!

All photos of things for sale (Whether or not they are posted in here):

All three:  $125

NMIP CLYWxOD Blue Summit: $75 $65 PENDING
Near mint with box, one ano rub (as shown)
Comes with Ultra Lites and a KK bearing.  Have raw Anti-Yo Posts if you want to add in $5.

More photos:

Mint TK Nationals 1999 Fixed Axle: offer PENDING
Mint (or appears to be.
Free with any other purchase

More Photos:

PSP 1000 w/ games: OFFER
Missing the analogue stick button–tbh, its easier to use without it.
Hacked firmware to run emulators and such.
I haven’t used it in ages, so I think its time to get rid of it.


CLYW Avalanche

Is the avalanche smooth with no vibe?


I’ve reached my $260 goal, but would still like to sell the summit!