FS Positron (Pictures added)


[s]Positron for Sale!
It is purple and contains a EvO concave bearing (the BEST bearings)

Pictures uploading now

$135 shipped!

I am in the UK so shipping will be tracked or 1st Class depending on what my post office lets me do but we can discuss that,

I need money super fast!


http://www.flickr.com/photos/60839655@N08/7354181614/in/photostream/ – looks like there is a lot of scratches here but they are just bits of dust, a couple of them ARE scratches though

Pictures? Paperwork or other proof of authenticity? Chain of owners. Traceable back to particular authorized Turning Point retailer? Smoothness? Condition?

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Pics added which should answer you question about condition and for pics.

I bought it from Throw-yoyo.co.uk (which I am a team member of) if that answers any of those questions.

I am the only person who has owned this. It kills me to sell it, I used it at UK Nationals 2011 and David Molnar borrowed it for his freestyle in the open division but I have always been the owner of this yoyo.

Here it is with me using it which should answer your question about play:

your really GOOD, but it is hard to tell how smooth it is from the video…

He only has one feedback on here but it is from me and he has a good amount of feedback on other forums as well. He will not sell you a fake positron, legit trader for sure.

Good to know he has your approval, yet he covered that aspect well enough already.

We’re trying to find out if the nice looking Positron currently has vibe or other performance issue.

There is none when you throw it normally, but about grinding I dont know how to tell from grinding, never attempted it before and wouldn’t know how