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So I’ve come to the slightly painful conclusion to sell my first unresponsive metal throw, the Top Yo Silenus. It plays great, will come with a center track bearing, has no vibe, and only has two very small, thin scratches (and a flat spot or two) that don’t show while the yoyo is spinning and don’t affect the play.
I’m asking for $30 for it and will send it in the US for free. I’m also open to do trades. PM me if you’re interested.

Some pictures:
Other side:

I’m only trying to sell/trade it because it doesn’t quite fit my style, which has changed since I first started.


Isn’t the Silenus $35 brand new??

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Yes, but I haven’t seen this color available since the first release. It is also in great condition. I thought I would at least start at $35. Do you think that’s too high?


With dings, I would say yes it is.

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Price is reduced

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Humpty Bumpty sat on a wall…

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Saturday morning bump

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Would you take 25

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Bumping this post

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To the top, please.

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Center trac bearing??

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Yep. It has a center trac

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Open to do trades if anyone is interested.

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