FS/FT Tons of Purple YYN Highlights


Got a few things for sale. PayPal prefered.

YYN Highlights - LF $8 shipped per 50
-50 Pink
-50 Orange
-50 Yellow
-50 Green
-50 Purple

Wants - Will add cash
Die Nasty
Project 2

Thanks for looking, Contagon

(yoyo jake) #4

didnt post this on onedropyoyos.com


I think 8 dollars is a little much for 50 HL. It’s only 12 for 100, so you should charge 6 or 5. Just a suggestion.


Well if you were to just buy the string on yyn then you would also have to pay shipping which is another $5 making it $17 for 100 strings. So $8 shipped for 50 strings is about right.

(stephen_cameron) #9

Would yo go any lower on the Frantic? maybe 5-10 dollars lower? I like the yoyo, but the dents are kind of scaring me.


i have a die nasty what will you give me


sorry i love my die nasty too much for that


do you still have the purple?

sent you a pm

(system) #16