FS/FT: Titaniums/Bi-Metals Koreyoshi, ricochet, Katana, Shift, Benchmarks + more

Hey guys!

Shipping worldwide is $15. Can do package deals.

Any questions or requests for pics/videos of vibe etc. just say.

Vosun Koreyoshi, Raw Titanium, lightly sparked but otherwise good condition, replaced the bearing with a hybrid ceramic one, extremely slight fingernail vibe, I would say. Less than most new bi-metals. - $115 http://imgur.com/a/atc1F
YoYoFactory Ricochet, Blue Titanium, some color variation (I think most blue titanium yoyos lose the blue with time and use) and surface scratching, looks like it maybe was sparked once, there is a small long scratch around one edge I think, or it’s just the blue color disappearing, smooth - $100 http://imgur.com/a/jcJCr
Magic Yoyo M06 Katana, Red and silver, Mint no box, smooth - $65 http://imgur.com/a/cnFbX
YoYOfficer Shift, Green and black, Mint no box, very smooth - $45 https://imgur.com/a/npphK
One Drop Benchmark H 2014, Army camouflage, some (rather minor, see pics) cosmetic damage, smooth - $45 http://imgur.com/a/3ytrH
One Drop Benchmark W 2014, Dark gray, some minor cosmetic damage, smooth - $35 http://imgur.com/a/KrVgJ
Auldey Aircut, fingerspin cup installed & no hubstacks, some minor cosmetic damage, smooth - $30 https://imgur.com/a/xG3rf

Small stuff to pad deals:
A bunch of bearings, gold plated, center trac and hybrid Si3N4 ceramics. A couple full ZnO2 ceramics.
Strings, pads, MYY bags, gloves…

All the following yoyos I suppose are worth somewhere between $5 and $10. Most of them are pretty much mint. Some of them have upgraded bearings. Pics: http://imgur.com/a/tSm3n (some are missing, they are new in box that I keep in storage so I don’t have them with me, except the one which is with a friend).

Magic Yoyo:
N5 Overlord, Red,
T6 Shadow, Light blue,
N12 Shark’s honor, Army green,
Purple line, Black and blue,
4x D1 GHz, All blue, 2 new in box
K3 Tornado, Silver
N11 Weight rings, Black and gild stripes
V3, Red/blue/beige splashy thing , has one proper ding

Beebo/SmartU God of Death, Black,
Auldey Orbis, Black/gold,
YoYoContest Reconnoitre, Gold,
YoYoFactory One, Blue

Bump and added more pics

Is the Koreyoshi taken? I don’t really care if its damaged at all (tbh, I like it sparked because it shows it’s been loved).

Hey, this thread got exhumed from the other side, it seems :smiley:

Yeah I still have it around. It’s in great condition apart from the sparking marks (which arent in any way jagged so that they could cut you)

I see. used to have $100, but bought a used Ti Dream. not sure what would be worth trading ???

Not really I think :confused:

this is what I currently have

That’s a nice collection :slight_smile: but trades are a bit icky for me, especially with someone in the states be a user of shipping costs and also import rules which means I pay 30% value of anything imported from outside the EU or it has to be tagged as sub 40 usd valueand as a gift, which then means insurance is also useless cause it can’t refund more than the declared value.

Yeah. that’s always a worry. heck, im terrified trading my own away to someone ;D