FS/FT: Testing the waters, CLYW

Title says it all, just curious to see what I can get no beaters,yyfs,yyjs,plastics. I want to make it perfectly clear that I probably will not get rid of anything depending on the offer. Without further ado here are the wants and throws. :slight_smile:

Sharp edge fg chiefs
gold chief
28s peak
a nice peak colorway
anything royal bison
yogi chief
KK avalanche
Ti Walker
Flying Hut

  1. LongJohn Hurdler Canvas, dead smooth, box and trinkets
  2. Chief(s) first one is a silver first run, has the infamous blue dot anno flaw, dead smooth, produced in Canada by clyw. 2nd Chief is 3rd run minty minty mint comes with box, dead smooth, produced in US by one drop. Pics of canvas and minty minty mint chief are the clyw showoff thread here on yo yo expert, pics upon request


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pls. post pics w/ you b/s/t - per forum rules.

thanks :slight_smile:



I got a siliconed FHZ with some marks and an Ogopogo BvM that has some dings, but I satined it, so it’s basically mint. Those two for your Canvas? :wink:

(btw, really glad you found a 1st run because I found a minty mint! Going to club this weekend?)