FS/FT SUMMIT, Turning Point Leviathan 3, FG Artic Circle.

Send me your offers and such. First bump in awhilllllleeeeeee.

Turning Point Leviathan 3
The only yoyo that can live up to a name as cool as Leviathan. Has some damage but nothing that changes its wonderful play. Pictured. Retailed for an astronomical price, so now you can get it from me by giving me your super cool yoyos instead of paying a billion like I did.

FG Artic Circle 1
Still plays like a dream. Two very minor pinpricks right next to each other as can be seen in the Summit picture.

Two tone Summit
I can only say for sure that one other dude has a Summit like this one, but GO BEARS. One side is mint, the other has damage as pictured. Don’t be a drama queen, it still plays like a monster, and you can be one of two people who like the bears (or gators?) enough to dedicate a yoyo to it.

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Just like the title states- I’m looking to trade my somewhat beat Positron for a somewhat beat Solenoid. I don’t have pictures in this thread at the moment, but if you pm me I’ll get you some for sure. It’s got mostly small 3a damage and scuffs in the catch zone, a few flat spots here and there on the rims, and one ding/gash on each rim. The bearing seat remains unscathed. It has a slight vibe (not nearly as bad or detectable as a peak vibe), but it’s an excellent player. In essence, I am looking for a Solenoid that is in similar condition (mostly so that it’s a fair trade) Offer up!

Here’s what’s up for trade:

One Drop Y-Factor: Purple, got some dings and scuffs. I consider it to be somewhat of a beater. Small vibe. $45

Yoyofactory Yuuksta: Red. A few tiny pinpricks, small vibe. $45

Crucial Delicious: Dexter colorway (clear w/red splash). No dings really, but it is kinda scratched up looking (it’s weird. I’ll have to post pictures). Very smooth when you consider the fact that you can feel the splash anodize. $55

C3 Winning Bird
C3 Beserker
CLYW Arctic Circle
2012 Genesis
TP Solenoid
TP Maxbet
TP Leviathan III
TP Leviathan II


pls. post pics w/ your b/s/t - per forum rules.




pics added!!!1!!111!!!eleven!!11!!!1!!!






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I have a winning bird for trade. The rims are sanded but it plays great. I will also sell it for $60