FT: Leviathan 3, Equilateral, Silly Goose and more


Hey guys I’m looking to trade some of my throws! Open to offers.

CLYW: Chief, Puffin 2, Gnarwhal 2, Wolly Marmot 2, and Canvas
One Drop: Format C, Benchmarks, Valor, pretty much any OD
YYJ: Diamondback
General Yo: Prestige and Amplitude
YYR: Draupnir, Lazer, Sleipner
C3: Mo-Vitation, Level 6, P-wave, pretty much anything.
YYF: Aviator, maybe others
Werrd: Minute, Sentinel, and 86400, FRUITURE!
Any Offers
Almost any Turning Point

What I have:
OD Blue 54. Mint with box. Traded
OD Red Chik. Mint with box Traded
YYF Blue Shaqler Star. Mint without box
YYF B-grade Pink Avant Garde 2. Some very small dings. TRADED
YYF Equilateral Mint Traded
RecRev Silly Goose lots of scrapes
2SickYoYos Supercharged Gambit. Mint with box. Probably the coolest Colorway I’ve ever seen!TRADED
Werrd Hour. Powder coated by YoYospirit TRADED
Turning Point Purple Leviathan 3. Quite a bit of light damage. A little bit of vibe.
CLYW X OD Red Summit. One scuff. Traded
Square Wheels Yoyo Company Rockeffeler. Mint TRADED

** Also looking to trade my Concrete Blizzard Bonfire for a different Colorway. **
PM me if you have an offer. Thanks!

YYF Equilateral


RecRev Silly Goose


Turning Point Leviathan 3


Werrd Hour


OD Chik


Shaqler Star


B-Grade YYF Avant Garde 2

(system) #35