FS/FT: Standard, Haymaker, Executive, Big Dipper

Got a few things I’d like to unload to fund a recent purchase, with some good deals for those that don’t need mint yoyos. Prices are shipped to US. Pics upon request, or I’ll be getting some up soon.

Core Co Standard, silver, mint no longer mint (dog scraped up the shells a bit) but still very good and still smooth as ever, $80$75

Duncan Haymaker, was blue but sanded raw, pretty vibey but still plays well IMO, $50

Executive, one ding on each half, sanded rims/catch zone cup is still green, minor vibe, $50

Big Dipper, emerald, mint with typical minor plastic vibe, $25 ($20 with any other yoyo)

Sherpa, black, mint with both bearings/axles, $50 (GONE)

Only trades I’d be interested in would be a Wooly Markmont, but I doubt anybody want to trade a near mint one for all of the yoyos listed above. I’d also trade the Standard + any other yoyo for a mint blue or purple Haymaker.

Update: will also trade for mint OG Yetis, black SPYY Addiction v2, RS Siren, Nickel MMC, or Desert Drifter Kuntosh 5000qv. I will make any trade very worth your while.


bump. Would also accept mint OG Yetis, RS Siren, Nickel MMC, or Desert Drifter Kuntosh 5000qv as trades.