FS/FT: Rare B!ST, Skyline, TFL, Maverick

I want to see what I can get for these…

B!ST Pegasus

Smooth. Mint. Good. New silicone! Rare…
$100 shipped.


Very smooth. My favorite yoyo at the moment. Looks like a couple small scrapes/scratches that can be slightly felt when you touch them. Dead smooth and comes with stacks pictured.


Good yoyo. 3-4 small flat spots. Dead smooth, and it feels like butter on the string. Spacers are included for single bearing play.
The only thing about this yoyo is, I am unaware of what the coating is. Feels like nickel, and looks like its polished. I have no clue.
$80 shipped

By born2curl at 2011-03-10
Plays smooth. By far, the best maverick I have played in my life.
$25 shipped

Im mainly looking for Metals at the moment, but feel free to offer plastics. I still may say yes :slight_smile:
-Caribou Lodge (peaks, bassalope, anything.)
-YYF (I REALLY want a popstar or a Genesis or a Rockstar… no vibe please. I WANT A G.5/G5 or a G5 +. OFFER ! Offer any YYF .)
-Werrd (I really want a paqiauo. I would also like a 4XL, WITH JIMMY HATS. Just offer any Werrd)
-Crucial (really want a half & half… offer up)
-Dif (really want a juggernaut… any condition is fine, not a ton of vibe please.)
-HSpin (Cut is my main priority… offer any HSpin though.)
-Cold Metal (I want a nano blaster… I want a raw one more. annoed is ok too.)
-YYJ(Phenomizm, Hitman, Hitman PRO,
-String THeory (Remnant. offer)

Offer up… I can think of way more things I want, I just don’t wanna type them out.

thas stuff is all coming to NER!

update… pick up that pegasus quick!

ill buy skyline for $85 shipped

ill buy for $85 or if you dont like that price feel free to negotiate

im actually going to take that down later because i really like the skyline. sorry

B!ST pegasus pending. bump.

pegasus most likely gone.

pegasus gone