FS/FT: Pair of White Loop900s in near mint


Comes with original packaging and everything. One key. One of the keyholes is stripped, but the gap is set to slightly above stock on both so they loop perfectly. In my opinion, the gap should not be set any more or less. Both bearings have been cleaned and thin lubed. YYF has offered to send a refund for the stripped one if I send it back, but like modded raiders you don’t need to change a gap on a good raider. So, I think giving them to someone who wants them now instead of in August would be better than sending one back, getting $25, then selling only ONE white one.

I’m sure if you find a bigger allen key or something slightly bigger than the YYF key, the gap can change.


In case you’re worried that one of them doesn’t work…

Offer me your stuff. Not looking for full price though ($50 is a no no).

Looking for any trades? Maybe like a near mint black Hitman, maybe some other stuff/money?

For sure dude. It’s FS/FT lol. What do you got?

No, they are out of stock. I specifically say refund for a reason, but I figured if people don’t want to wait til August for them then I could just give the pair to them. They loop perfectly. Like I said, they’re like perfectly modded raiders except you won’t have to worry about them breaking when you look at them. You just can’t adjust the gap on one of them unless you get a bigger allen key or fill the hole with something that’ll allow you to anchor the sides enough to twist because the adjust feature is super sensitive.

why dont you look at the title?

I’m the only JeeJaw in town.

I have no idea what JeeJaw is lol. Josh came up with the name

Modded FHZ? Silicone recessed? Perfectly Unresponsive and really smooth.

You guys are offering as if these are worth like $15 at the moment. I just had someone offer me a freaking Bumblebee.

Really. I’ll take a Revolution for this pair.

One is stripped!

No, one has a stripped keyhole, but the gap is set to a perfect setting. When you look for Raiders, it’s pretty much buying a pair of broken yoyos that are not guaranteed to always have the correct gap setting every time you lube the bearing. With the Loop900s, you set it once, call it good. Pretty much, you’re buying a pair of modded raiders that won’t break when you look at them. When you spend $30 on Raiders, you’re pretty much gambling. At least I’m not making you gamble.

I’ve got people offering me Relics+stuff, Sunsets+stuff, etc, and you’re offering me something I can find for $15 or do it myself. What I’m trading is valued much higher, and they WORK although one keyhole is stripped. Set any less and it probably won’t loop all that well for long, and set it any higher and you’ll end up having a yoyo that doesn’t loop low enough/bounces way too much. $37 shipped is what I’ll sell them for just to cover shipping. That’s $15 off what I paid for it.

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