Ft: Pair of Loop 900's

White loop 900 is near mint, on small mark does not affect play, shown in picture

Both have factory marks on the bottom, also doesnt affect play

Both hardly used, Couldnt get into looping, thrown maybe 30 times

Offer for trade, I would love C13’s,m1’s, and mostly undersized
45+5 shipping for sale

sorry thats not working, Trying to find a way right now

testing http://www.flickr.com/photos/50996305@N04/
|This is working, the markings on the black one is the factory marks i said, and it is on both yoyos

the white scuff is on the bottom half and is kinda hard to see


Bump, offer pending, but still taking offers till monday/tuesday

Your not taking money?

I dont have a paypal so not really sorry

Last bump! Get your offers in

i have a gto-f from Dif-e-yo mint in box.

Sorry im not intrested in dif-e-yo plus the trade was finalized earlier today