mint YYF LOOP 900s for trade

i have a pair of loop 900s for trade only us. i can send you pictures through text only means of sending pictures for me. brand new had them about 2 days still have packages 2a wasnt my thing no scratches or dings. make offers. pending trade.

what colour??
and people would also profer if you put picks up so they are not suspicous that you might scam, and most people would feel uncomfortable giving there number to somene that they are only talk to once in there life and also dont even know.
im not trying to be rude im just giving you some advice so that you will be more sucess in selling trading or buying ;).

p.s ill pay postage

i have images but on my phone only. there red i dont have a digital camera but ill try to borrow one from a friend so i can post them up.

wht style r u looking for or r there any ones in particular u r looking for

i have a dm2, dv888,888x,popstar,yuuksta. so something other than what i listed.

im looking for loop 900’s white first release but send me pic and ill have a look.