FS/FT- Onedrop Cafe Racer and Clyw Blizzard

Would like to sell or trade this mint condition Onedrop Cafe Racer hand painted by Brett Grimes. This is truly a work of art. Still smooth even with the paint job.

$130 shipped

Or trade for Titanium/Performance Bi-metals.

Here is a video of Brett Grime’s work. This Yoyo is showcased at 39seconds into the video.


Little out of my budget but this is awesome to see. Brett was one of my favorite dudes to watch on YT back in the day


Is that paint or anodization? From here it looks like ano

It looks like paint, reminds me of the airbrushed peaks.

It’s paint

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Watch the video Gaites. His work is amazing.

Bump. Make an offer. Adding a CLYW Blizzard mint in box.

Brett was one of the founders of g2 as well for a cool bit of knowledge

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In his old videos u can literally watch him painting yoyos in his garage with a facemask on and a spray gun. So awesome. Custom work right there. Hand done. So sweet.


I’ve just seen the one video that I posted in this thread but man I was blown away. Would love to see some of his techniques.

Blizzard sold. Get this one of a kind Cafe Racer for $170.

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Price dropped on Cafe Racer to $150. A steal for this rare beauty.

Price dropped on Cafe Racer to $130! This is a steal for this more than a decade old yoyo. Plays phenomenally still to this day. Dead smooth and mint.