CLYW Blizzard and Yoyorecreation Laser FS/FT

The Blizzard is undamaged and has the box, no vibe and a great player. Looking for 115 shipped.

Yoyorecreation Laser, polished to a mirror finish. No damage, but has a tiny, tiny amount of vibe on the string, really only noticeable if you’re really looking for it. Looking for $127 shipped.

Take both for $207 shipped.

Trades are:
Peak (One for a 2nd run, both for third)
7 Summit
GZR Code 1
FG Tundra
Ti Shutter
Cold Fusion GT
Other cool titaniums (No Saltis, Dreams, or Ricochets)

Bump, added a polished Laser and will now take trades.

still there?