FS/FT OD, CLYW, YYF, Werrd, IYoYo, Duncan and More!

Stuff for sale or trade, all damage is pictured unless otherwise stated, willing to combine or add cash to make a deal. All prices are shipped to anywhere in the continental US, international shipping would be covered by the buyer.

Pics of all of them here-----> https://hamxslamwich.imgur.com/

WANTS (colorway doesn’t matter unless specified):
Any 65g Chief, would love a Lat 53
Duncan Orbital
UNPRLD Ignite and Corruption
Recess Weekend
Core Co. Standard
General Yo Limey Stew Majesty
One Drop Prescription
C3 Gamma Crash
Radical Seas Oracle- Dark blue with copper rings. I have one in Purple/Brass that I’d swap for it.
TMBR Fixed Axles
Cool bimetals
Pink yoyos
Open to other offers! Worst I can say is no thanks. Prices are firm for cash, would prefer to trade.

3YO3 Jupiter Splash AL5- Small marks around, most don’t break ano. One long, dark scratch on one rim. $55 OBO

Deadly Spins Pride- 6061, I can’t find a mark on it, but to be safe I’ll say near mint. $35 OBO GONE

YYF SLUSNY Edition CZM8- A few marks on the rims, could probably use new pads soonish. Dunno what it’s worth nowadays, offer.

YoYoMiracle Atom- Big, wide, fast, and floaty. These were only made for a year or two if memory serves. $70 OBO

Axis Mixtape- Damage not pictured because it’s basically all around the rims. I’ll call it beat. $25 or $15 with another yoyo, or possibly as a deal sweetener.

One Drop Benchmark O 2014- Will ship with the 3YO3 Bassline SE’s. $35 OBO.

3YO3 Accent- Sector 9 stickers over the hubs, don’t affect play as far as I can tell. Couldn’t find any damage that would show up on camera due to the finish, but it’s in good shape, no gouges or horrible flat spots. $55 OBO

Minute 2013- The one that dropped at Worlds. A few marks around the edges and on the IRG, super stable undersized throw, and an awesome finish. $35 OBO

Duncan Strix- Marks all around, but no major vibe. $35 OBO

One Drop 54- I’m not sure how this yoyo doesn’t have any damage I can find, but it appears to be near mint. Another fun mid-small yoyo, ships with spikes. $45 OBO- GONE

CLYW Arctic Circle- If you’ve played one, you know how solid these are. I got it a while back and played it for a bit, and realized that I just don’t reach for it as often as some of my other stuff and figured it’d do better in someone else’s hands. A few very small marks, plays great. $55 OBO-GONE

Steel- Has a bit of vibe, but still a solid player. A few marks pictured, but there are some that, because of the color of the ano, I couldn’t pick up on camera. They don’t break. $60 OBO -SOLD

Bump, updated wants list and marked items as pending or sold.