FS/FT New Modified FHZs; LF: Juggernaut, Cross Bones, OG Dark Magic, TMBR

I’ve got a few things for sale/trade. My wants list:

  1. A raw Dif-E-Yo Cross Bones
  2. An original Dark Magic – the version with half starburst/half o-ring response
  3. A rainbow laminate TMBR
  4. A Dif-e-Yo Juggernaut

I’m cool buying if you’re not into what I’m offering for trade. Just let me know your price including shipping with tracking.


Each of these FHZs is silicone recessed with the sticker lips removed, has a deshielded and cleaned bearing for unresponsive play, painted white caps, and the paint on the bodies sparkles nicely in the sun. $27 each including shipping.

  1. Purple
  2. Red - ON HOLD
  3. Dark Blue
  4. Light Blue

Thanks for looking!

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