FS/FT: Modified FHZs; LF: Crossbones;Addiction;Bape2/Viszilla;YWET;more


I’ve got a bunch of Freehand Zeros I’ve modified to sell. I’m happy to do package deals if you buy multiples. I’m also interested in trading some of these for a Crossbones, Tank, Addiction, YWET, Bape2, Viszilla, a Punchline, and a stock Freehand Zero with a white body – color of the caps doesn’t matter. I’ll add cash to even out the deal if needs be.


All of these are silicone recessed with the sticker lips removed and have cleaned bearings. They all play awesome.

  1. Mint. $25 shipped.
  2. Mint. $25 shipped.
  3. Mint. $25 shipped.
  4. Mint. $25 shipped.
  5. Mint. $25 shipped.
  6. A few minor dings including on the edge of one cap. $20 shipped.
    7. A couple very minor scratches you really have to look for. $22 shipped. TRADED
    8. Very minor surface scratches and plastic mold marks. $30 shipped.TRADED
    9. Both caps are damaged, and one in particularly is badly cracked, but it plays and looks awesome! $25 shipped. SOLD
    10. Mint. $30 shipped. TRADED
    11. Mint. $25 shipped.SOLD


These three are dual pad recessed with the sticker lips removed and have cleaned bearings. All have some scuffs and dings, but none of the caps are cracked and each plays awesome.

1. One blue MOYO cap/one white MOYO cap. $25 shipped.
2. $22 shipped.
3. $22 shipped.

Thanks for looking!


Hit me up if you have one of these!

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