LF lots of free hand zeros

im starting a collection of free hand yoyos such as the fhz and fh2 and fh1’s. i have 2 so far that im going to paint and such so please let me knoow.okay i am looking for fhz’s that have been custom painted,sili recessed,stained, or any mods, looking for cool colored ones, any fhz’s i would also like counter wieghts with the purchase so please if you have lots or free hand zeros or even a dienasty and counter wieght or any free hand yoyo let me know im willing to trade a protostar for 2 and 1 counter weight or 1 and 3 cw’s , dm for 3 and a counter wieght or 2 and 3 cw’s,same goes for xconvict .

prices are not set in stone yett so if they are modded or anything we can talk about it but im not buying only trading so please.