i want freehands


i am looking for any free hand zero fr2 or even a fh1 i will trade other yoyos for them please post pics


Before demanding pics you should post pics and details about your collection.


well i didnt demand pics i asked for them and i will tell you about my collection


my collection is quite small so far. but it started when i saw a yoyo case full of free hands and i thought wow thats really cool and i said to myseld i want to start collecting these and it even had a free hand one which are really rare so i just started collecting so far i have one clear fhz and a fr2.

solid color fh2’s
any colors fhz’s
Lf red fhz
*Lf custom painted fhz’s please

i will accept any offer of trade if i have the yoyo most likely i will buy but rarely will i mail first. i will mail first is i have less feedback then you but if you have less you mail first that is the actual pollicy of yye’s trade and sell

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