FS/FT Motion, General Yo, Audeze?

Grail found! Thank you guys! Now to pay for it and then some, so get some yo-yos! Get some trades going! Let’s have fun and help me financially recover at the same time. Added some, dropped some prices. I’m shipping via usps in the USA. My feedback is as follows: JSERR feedback

Everything is obo. Everything is negotiable.

Audeze Isine 10: b stock Isine 10’s with upgraded Hart Audio cable and 3.5 mm Jack attachment. Comes with tips, wings, hooks, pelican case, the works. Partial trades welcome, or trades for cool Ti. Trade value might be 300 so give me ideas y’all. I don’t bite hard. 200 obo cash.

General Yo Torrent 2: I really like this one but I want to try an original or a Hatrick so this one’s up for grabs! If you come across this (you know who you are) I love and hate you for sparking an interest in General Yo. Mostly love. Anywho, good shape. Some minor scuffs and such. A little vibe. Great companion throw I’d say. 40 bucks I suppose. Or trades. Any interesting General Yo trades would be neat.

Motion Kinetic: TRADED absolute beast. Don’t throw too often but it’s probably the best performance bimetal I’ve ever tried. Great shape. 9/10 smooth in my humble opinion. It’s a Motion, they are legit. Just gotta pay for a grail I’m hunting so let’s go for 85 obo. TRADED


Bump! Let’s get it!

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Bump. Wanna bundle? Wanna negotiate? Want some Audeze Isine monster in ears? Let’s talk!

Bump. Anyone?

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I hate to love you too brother, but I love you nevertheless. You sparked a fire in me with those Grados that has me clawing at the skin for more.


Bump. Price drops.

Inevitable sold. Bump and price drops!

Bump! Get some earphones!

Bump it up guys! Looking to trade for neat One Drops or General Yo, especially the Clique or Hatrick 10th anniversary! Let’s cut a deal!

Shall we bump? We shall.

My earbuds broke and I was a fool not to get apple care. Make me offer! I need buds! Bump it up! Panorama added

Ps: will throw in a fools gold yeti 2.0 if anyone buys the OD or the General Yo in the next week. Or buy them both! I’ll cut ten bucks off their combined price.

I done seen the most rain I ever did see last night. Does that mean I should bump? Why yes, it does.

Bump! Again!

How about a morning bump?

Bump yall! Make me some offers! I’ll be out until this Thursday but feel free to ask questions!

Bump! I’m back! Added some shades so if you want throws and shades we can work out a deal so you can get to throwing and looking stylish while doing so.

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Want a bump? Here, on the house.

Bump! I have OD and possibly some neat bimetals to sweeten the pot if you have a scratched or used Mecha Bapezilla! Help me get a dream throw.

Thanks for the help hunting a Mecha Bape everyone! Still selling and trading so if you got any ideas, send them my way! Bump!

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