Fs/Ft master galaxy and Bandit 85 gets em both lf: longboards /related

85 gets them both shipped. Master galaxy:Has a few scuffs. Nothing affects play.Next there is a good condition STYY Bandit with 5 flat slot that are almost unnoticeable, the worse has rubbed the ano of just a bit but still hard to find,comes with box. Pm if interested please

PICS IN http://s1137.photobucket.com/albums/n514/giovinolo/Bst
Pink one is a Spli D(45mm width) and silver an Irony(40mm)
Looking mainly for cash or longboards/related stuff.

Needs photos or the mods will lock it down and delete this thread, If that happens you can reopen your BST when you have photos.

ty. First time on yye used to prowl obly on yyn.

No problem just didnt want you to have your listing pulled, good luck with your sale and welcome to YYE. Enjoy your stay and I hope you meet some great people and add as much as you take away! Cheers and if there is anything I ca. Do to help make your stay easier just and me a pm and I’ll do my best to answer any questions, comments or concerns.

Have a great evening/morning.


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please i need cash