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Near Mint Mutant DNA $125
Catalyst Near Mint $70
888x Black a small scuff, smooth! $50

HALO (orange hub)

Metropolis Blue Mint $30
Echo Red Mint $30

Phenom Burgandy/Gold $85
ENEME B-grade a mark or two
Classic dent one one of the rims, plays fine

Griffin Wing (blue)

Supra Golddust Mint $85
Spyder II Purple/Black Acid $100

Remnant 1 Blue/Black near mint $75
Remnant 2 Black Mint $85
Bandit Black a few scuffs, still plays smooth, cool engravings $70

Sakura Painted Blue
Explore Donald_Whittemore
Wants  (I will contact you if I’m looking to buy, but please feel free to offer trades)

CLYW/One Drop Summit, (Nebula, Dragonslayer, Walking Dead)********
One Drop Yelets (Dragonslayer)
One Drop CODE 1 (dragonslayer)
Side Effects (especially RSMs)
RecRev Freq.Wave


PM sent in case this BST is still active

Bump…I’ve listed the throws on the B/S/T so I don’t have to go through ebay, so don’t ask me to put it on ebay. Thanks.

Why am I selling my Canvas and Sasquatch? I must be crazy.

Hi I have Ilyy 2wei (silver, mint)
im looking forward to reply :wink: on forum / e-mail

It’s a good day to bump.

Bump. Offer. Just offer.

BUMP. Offer. If you see something you like just offer. Thanks.

I can give you $40 for the 888x

Bump. It get’s me more money, it get’s me more cash.

Bump with wants.

Bump Need cash,

hey do u still have the zombie storm code 2??? ive been searching everywhere for it, ill pay cash (or paypal) i really want one

sent a message about the 888x

interested in buying the 888x message me back

Ashberry chief for the AC?