Collection FS/FT

  1. Barco Energy - Made of chrome, plays ok, more of a throw-in - Throw In

  2. Dark Magic II - Beat up, Plays OK, More of a throw in - Throw In

  3. Burnside - Orange, Near Mint, Plays Super Smooth, Great Player - $55

  4. Burnside - Flame Thrower Edition, One Tiny Pin Prick, Smooth, Plays Awesome - $65

  5. Bear vs Man - Raw and Blasted, Plays Pretty Well, Small Vibe - $65

  6. G2 Albatross - Dark Blue with Teal Splash, Smooth, Plays well, Near Mint - $70

  7. YYR Dreadnought - One Scratch and Response Area Small Damage, Its a YYR - $120

  8. C3 Master Galaxy - Mint, Smooth, Wide, Comes With KK - $95

there are some pics ill upload the rest later today

You have 11 trades, don’t you know that you have to have pictures?

extremely interested in some of these. But I have to see some photos

I would really want that master galaxy