FS/FT Gnarwhal, Bimetal Superstar, PRICE DROP again


CLYW Gnarwhal, the original, couple scrapes, silver with green speckle, plays smooth on the string and grinds well, tiny vibration felt on the finger. 59$ shipped
2016 bimetal superstar, mint, black, dead smooth. 49$ shipped
CLYW wooly marmot- brown with blue splash, fools gold for ano flaws, dead smooth, has a decent amount of damage. Looking for a trade unless someone wants to buy for 40
Werrd Irony, the original, couple scratches. 80$ 59 shipped
Red Yyf protostar, with the normal pulsating protovibe. Deal sweetener.
Y-factor- red, very near mint and dead smooth. 45 gone
Mint and delicious blue A-grade Genyo Essence (barely ever thrown and DEAD smooth) 115$
Genyo green KLR very minor pricks, very smooth. 75$ gone
Genyo Entheos A-grade unengraved blue and yellow minor damage, smooth. 60$ shipped gone
Clyw x onedrop Summit, the Walking Dead edition, dead smooth, few cosmetic scuffs that don’t break the ano, offer cash or something on my wants list. 80$ shipped gone
3yo3 original bassline, silver, ano is starting to fade damage basically invisible due to the color, plays smooth 39$ shipped
Hatrick- super beat, has some vibe, maybe a deal sweetener. 35 shipped Gone
Recrev 33&1/3 black, few pin pricks and scuffs

Damage shown in pictures
US only unless you want to pay for shipping

LF: sengoku bimetals, coldfire, Axis Mixtape, basecamp navigator, new avalanche, peak 2, blizzard, Genesis
Will trade 2 for 1 for things on my wants list
Will give great prices for package deals
Can give cash via PayPal to balance trades

Any questions, offers, or requests for additional pictures,
send me a pm
For fast replies,
email me at jacobmoline@aol.com
Or call or text at 6262242084

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